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Camping In A 4×8 Runaway Micro Camper

After traveling about 20,000 miles all over the place, I’ll tell you that my little Runaway Camper has yet to let me down.

source/image(PrtSc): Tiny House Listings

I love the ease of use of this small camper and how you basically hitch it up and go without all of the emotional and physical overhead of hauling the crap typically associated with more complex forms of camping.

source/image(PrtSc): Tiny House Listings

In this video I just give a very quick glimpse of what it’s like to camp in one of these badboys.If smaller is what you need, check out the Runaway SLice!


At just 520 lbs empty weight, with an overall length of 9’6″, this little guy is just the thing to tow with the smallest of compact vehicles as well as many trikes and motorcycles. Interior is 46.5″ W x 77″ L.

You’ll get the same reliable construction as our other models… in a smaller footprint.The Slice includes a Dexter Axle on 12″ All Season Radial tires for a smooth ride, Custom Wheels, accented with diamond plate fenders & front guard, LED tailights and A/C with Marine Grade Vnyl Cover.