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Capo CD 1582X Queen Super Detailed All METAL Offroad 1/8 Car


The model car on this video is the Capo U4 CD 1582X Queen 1/8 Scale 2.4G All-Metal Off-Road Climibing Car Vehicles Kit. .Restored the pinnacle machine of the pipe frame climbing car category, the ULTRA4 racing car, and bestowed upon it a new nickname belonging to the RC micro world: Queen.

source.image: JohnnyQ90

I hope you, like me, will deeply and passionately fall in love with her. She, adorned with a vibrant red bow, comes gracefully. And her desire for conquest will flatten endless mountains with you. Under the dome, atop the rocky walls, all shall be conquered. The car is powered by 555 Brush motor -13T/550 brush motor -21T electric motor.

The all-aluminum alloy frame structure overcomes the self-weight of conventional metal materials, achieving an optimal balance between strength and lightweight design. We have improved the manufacturing process and materials to enhance reliability, allowing for a more delicate and true-to-scale frame construction.


The COMMANDER steering system, introduced in its first generation in early 2015, has undergone eight years of innovative evolution, pioneering the introduction of a simulated real rack-and-pinion steering structure that is stable and efficient. Champion model configuration featuring a CNC all-metal crafted suspension chassis with lockable front and rear anti-roll bars, four sets of spiral teeth, four sets of independent front and straight rear bridge pull rod structures. CNC all-metal dual-speed transmission, with medium carbon steel hardened helical gears, and a 1:19.8-1:73 dual-speed gear ratio differential efficient algorithm. This breakthrough in power design for QUEEN overcomes the performance paradox of running and climbing capabilities.