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Carpenter’s DIY Camper VAN


Join Freddy on a detailed tour of his uniquely customized van, as he showcases the innovative solutions and adaptations he has made to accommodate his active, outdoor lifestyle. Freddy’s journey into van life is a testament to practicality and passion, proving that a little ingenuity can turn a simple van into a versatile home on wheels.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

Discover how Freddy revolutionized access to his van’s garage with a swivel mount for his mountain bike, making it easier to reach essential items like his water fill. The addition of a diesel heater and clever storage solutions for his grill and gear exemplify his focus on functionality.

In a space where every inch counts, Freddy built a custom cabinet to utilize dead space effectively, providing additional storage for surfboard wax, grill equipment, and other essentials. This ingenuity is a cornerstone of his van’s design.Freddy walks you through his electrical setup, including a 3,000-watt inverter, 200 amp hours of battery, and a crucial DC to DC charger. With only 200 watts of solar, this system ensures he’s never short on power.


Understanding the importance of good lighting, Taylor has equipped his van with front and back spotlights, which not only enhance safety but also brighten up his outdoor space during nighttime adventures.Reflecting on the challenges of limited space, Taylor acknowledges the difficulty of not being able to carry everything for his multisport interests. Yet, he passionately advocates for the van life experience, emphasizing the incredible outdoor opportunities and community connections it offers.