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Cavs Half Time “German Wheel” Performance – You’ve Never Seen Anything Like This Before

Seanders shared footage, taken during halftime of a Cleveland Cavaliers basketball game, of circus performer Cornell Freeney putting on an amazing gymnastics performance in his German Wheel.

image/text credit: Seanders

In 2005, Cornell started to train on the German Wheel. Preparing for The World Championships in Wheel Gymnastics, Cornell practiced every day before and after school. After two years of training, he competed in Salzburg, Austria. There he placed 7th all around, 6th in spiral, and 2nd in vault.

Winning four gold medals, Cornell has also shown success in national competitions.Upon graduating from High School in 2008, he started his career in German Wheel on ice, performing for Royal Caribbean Cruise line.


Understanding the importance of education, later that year, he enrolled into Illinois State University.Along with earning a degree in elementary education, he was able to grow his circus skills though Illinois State’s Gamma Phi Circus program. Since graduating, Cornell has been coaching circus acts and performing on and at various stages and arenas.