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Chater-Lea 1903 Forecar With Tandem Seat 2 ¾ HP 326cc De Dion Bouton


Founded in 1890, Chater-Lea turned to the manufacture of lugs and fittings for cycle and motorcycle frames around 1900.Incorporated that same year as the Chater-Lea Manufacturing Company Limited, the firm was soon supplying its high-quality products to the greater part of the emerging British motorcycle industry.

source/image(PrtSc): yesterdaysnl

The manufacture of components soon led to the supply of entire frames and, in 1903, the firm offered its first complete motorcycle.The machine we offer here is a versatile vehicle: in its current form it can transport the rider and two passengers.

The original front forks are present and by removing the forecarriage and its subframe it can be transformed in a motorcycle with tandem seat.The combination has been restored a number of years ago.


This impressive time-machine is equipped with a beautiful Auteroche front lamp and the De Dion Bouton engine is fed by the well-known Claudel carburettor.The comfortable seat has a true veteran appearance and looks quite inviting we would say.//yesterdaysnl

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