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Cheap vs Expensive Motorcycle Helmet – Crash Tested


There are few feelings as exhilarating as the thrill of air whipping around your body as you cruise the open highway on a motorcycle. In your rush to put rubber to the road, it’s crucial to wear important safety gear that could make all the difference in the case of an accident.

image/text credit: FortNine 

Have you ever considered using a cheap no-name motorcycle helmet? Probably not! But at Crash Test we like to answer the questions that nobody asked. So, we took a trip to eBay and bought a $30 motorcycle helmet to destroy for your entertainment.

In this video YouTube channel FortNine put a couple of helmets through a series of tests to see if there is really that much difference in a thirty dollar helmet versus one that costs three hundred.This guy hammers both of these head protectors, and one of them continually performs well while the other fails time and again.


A cheap half helmet may have nothing more than a flimsy chin strap holding it in place, which is demonstrably less effective than a more expensive full-face helmet strap, which is usually resistant to stretching or breaking under stress.