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Cheapest Turbine Helicopter In The World Eagle R&D HeliCycle


The Helicycle is a single-seat, semi-rigid two-bladed main rotor, helicopter powered by a Solar T62-32 engine. Manufactured by Helicycle Ventures LLC in Mesilla, New Mexico as a kit, the aircraft is intended to be assembled by the owner and is considered a homebuilt aircraft.

source.image: MojoGrip

Here we have another single seater helicopter that is also turbine powered. There are differences between both helicopters, which we will cover in the video. A big factor with these homebuilt helicopters is the fact that You don’t need to get a helicopter license to fly one. Although it is highly recommended that you receive proper training and get a license. Like the Mosquito, the Helicycle is also considered an experimental aircraft by the FAA.

Specific design features include a fully harmonized rotor, a modulated collective pitch system, very low twice-per-revolution vibration level due to elastomeric thrust bearings, a sufficient flapping angle for low-“G” maneuvers and slope landings, control friction devices, and an electronic throttle control (governor).


The Helicycle helicopter is the first experimental helicopter kit in mass-production to be powered by a turbine engine, the military surplus Solar T62-T32, capable of producing 150 shaft horsepower. The engine is limited to 95 horsepower due to torque limits on the main gearbox and rotor system. As of June 2010, five runs of about 30 kits each had been delivered to builders, for a total of 160 kits, of which more than 80 had been completed and were flying, with another kit being completed every other month, on average (delivery of a sixth run was scheduled to start in 2010).