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Check Out This Simple Parking Technology Found In 1927!

A great invention from 1927 shows a novel vehicle in Paris where the front wheel enables automobiles to turn in own length and sidle in and out of any parking place. Rookie drivers think they know how to drive a car, until they get in one. Then, we can really see their level of expertise in the field of driving. On the other hand, parking the car is a problem from another dimension for rookies.

image credit: British Pathé 

The video below is going to present you a fascinating manner of parallel parking from the late 1920s! You are going to witness that it does not require a great deal of driving (parking) skills in order to place your vehicle to the desired spot!

All you need to do is to pull a handle that rotates the front wheels for 90 degrees! This type of front wheels allows the vehicles to turn aside in their own length and get in and out of any parking spot!


In other words, the owners of this type of vehicle were able to do donuts nearly 90 years ago! But one question inevitably arises from this story: why some vehicles don`t use this technology these days?