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China’s Infinite Reading Space – The Yangzhou Zhongshuge Library

With a unique design that creates the illusion of infinite books, the Yangzhou Zhongshuge library is a story lover’s paradise. Located in Yangzhou, China, the library contains black mirror floors, which are meant to mimic mirages—a subtle reference to the city’s many canals and waterways.

image/text credit: Great Big Story

Arched glass ceilings and flowing patterns represent the connection between people and books. Complete with soft lighting, these design elements give the space an otherworldly, fantastical vibe.

image/text credit: Great Big Story

Zhongshuge cherishes Yangzhou’s history, while embracing the future head-on by creating a space for the next generation of readers to thrive. Architecture firm XL-Muse recently completed the massive structure (1,000 square meters) that’s comprised of sweeping bookshelves, arched walls, and a black mirrored glass floor reflecting the plethora of tomes housed inside.


Yangzhou Zhongshuge is located in Zhen Yuan which is next to waterside and in front of the trees.While inheriting the previous solemn and dramatization.

We added arch bridge- an indispensable element of this historical and cultural ancient city- in our design concept.It used to be the guiding factor of culture and commerce, and it represents that bookstore is the bond between human and books at the same time.