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Chuck Beck’s Custom V12 Lamborghini Motorcycle


This is Chuck Beck’s custom motorcycle powered by a Lamborghini V12.What kind of man builds a motorcycle around a Lamborghini Espada V12? We say a visionary genius, which is exactly what Chuck Beck is.

source/image(PrtSc): Caffeine & Octane

It also has a VW Type 3 axle, rear-mounted radiators, and yes, he rides it. “It’s not geared to go real fast, only about 140 mph,” says Chuck. Listen as Chuck explains the bike and how it came to be.

The bike uses surprisingly normal front and rear wheels and tyres,Sitting in a custom-built motorcycle frame, the V12 is mounted in front of the rider rather than beneath them, while a custom steering linkage was necessary to reach that far-away front wheel.


Beck used a three-speed Volkswagen transmission to put that power to use, worked up a custom linkage to be able to steer, and note that radiator placement. This motorcycle with Lamborghini engine doesn’t just pack amazing features – it also looks completely out of this world./Caffeine & Octane

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