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CICARE 7B Single-Seat Ultralight Helicopter With Rotax Motor


Cicaré S.A. is an Argentine helicopter manufacturer founded by Augusto Cicaré in Saladillo, Buenos Aires Province in the 1970s to develop aircraft of his own design. The CICARÉ 7B is a single seat light helicopter for sport and recreational use.

source.image: GyroGerald

It is an evolution of the CH-7 Angel with a notable increase in performance and safety due to the robust and reliable 4-stroke engine Rotax 912 100Hp. This is a sports helicopter with steel and aluminium chassis structure.

The Cicare CH-7B family competes with the two seater Robinson R22 in the market for cattle herding. The main advantage of the CH-7 is its much lower price level both in purchase and operating costs.


The basic components include the airframe, rotors, gearboxes, stabilizers, transmission, instruments, and manuals. Single seat helicopter Cruise Speed Service Ceiling Fuel Type Tail Engine Width Rotor diam./blades 4 cil. 4 Strokes. Air & Liquid cooled Airframe made of SAE 4130 steel tubes. Skids made of SAE 4130 steel tubes and aluminum. Main gearbox with commands system. Main rotor with composite blades. Tail rotor gearbox. Tail rotor with composite blades. Aluminum made vertical and horizontal stabilizer. Tail boom with cardan transmission and push-pull command system. 9. Composite cabin, including windshield, doors, engine cover, seat and seatbelt. 10. Two fuel tanks. 11. Standard instrument panel. a. Dual engine-rotor tachometer.