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CLAAS ORBIS 750 Row-Independent Corn Harvester Header

The row-independent ORBIS corn header range from CLAAS combines entirely new ideas with regard to structure and drive, and the years of global experience amassed by CLAAS through the RU range. The high standard of the functional reliability and benefits of this all-new design are yours to enjoy, every minute of the day.

source/image: CLAAS France

The ORBIS concept featuring a combination of small and large discs is characterized by an extremely high crop flow. The ORBIS handles corn stands of up to 40 t/ac (100 t/ha) perfectly. When the machine is reversed, the plants which have already been cut remain on the large discs and are then drawn in. The low starting torque of the ORBIS means that it can be restarted at full load and at the upper rated speed at any time.via/read more: laasofamerica

The front attachment suspension maintains an ideal lateral balance so that the ORBIS adjusts itself optimally to the ground contours. This leads to an appreciable reduction in wear and increases reliability.


Two sensor wands each gauge two rows of corn. The signals generated by these sensors are translated into appropriate steering impulses. The Jaguar’s steering is automatic up to a speed of 7.5 mph (12 km/h). Twin-row sensing allows automatic steering in row widths of 14.76″ to 31.5″ (37.5 cm to 80 cm)./via/read more: laasofamerica