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Clever Black-Vreasted Buzzard Uses A Rock To Crack Open An Egg

The majestic black-breasted buzzard (Hamirostra melanosternon) is one of Australia’s largest birds of prey.he black-breasted buzzard has a striking head with a small crest and a long, fairly slender bill with a rounded cere. Powerful, unfeathered legs end in weak, whitish toes, while the tail is short and square shaped.

image credit: iKOLguitar

Black-breasted buzzards show an unusual use of tools when feeding, picking up stones and using them to break open large eggs that are too strong for their bills to crack.Watch a Black-breasted buzzard uses a stone to break open the replica of an emu egg at Taronga Zoo, Sydney, Australia.

Black-Breasted Buzzards feed on rabbits, large lizards, other birds and carrion.It will also raid the nests of ground-nesting birds, breaking large eggs by hurling stones against them with its large beak and then eating the content.


The Black-breasted Buzzard is endemic to Australia (found only there), mainly in the north and in semi-arid and arid central regions. It is rare in eastern, southern coastal or near-coastal mainlan.Buzzards are rare migrants to coastal or near coastal areas.