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Clever Ways to Fake High-end Looks in Your Home!


Is having high-end home decor important to you, but you don’t want to spend tons on it?Here are 13 clever ways to fake high-end looks in your home.

source/image: Hometalk

These are some amazing ways to make your home look so much better without breaking the bank. From updating your microwave, to updating your garage doors, we have you covered.

Everyone will be envious of your high-end home when you’re done! If you love a clever way to fake high-end decor, these ideas are for you!


Does your home need an upgrade but you don’t have the budget? Check out these 13 clever ways to fake high end looks without the cost!

  • – Faux Marble Microwave With Contact Paper
  • – DIY Target Built In Bookcase Hack | Farmhouse + Rustic Chic
  • – Sliding Faux Barn Door
  • – Make Your Garage Door Look Like It Costs Thousands— With Paint
  • – A Festival of Lights
  • – Closet Bifold Door Makeover
  • – 8 Amazing Ways to Turn Pickle Jars Into Home Decor!
  • – Banquet Table Makeover
  • – Ten Important Tips for Framing Out Mirrors
  • – Farmhouse Style Bathroom Tour
  • – Faux Fur Foot Stool
  • – Faux Stone Tub
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