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Compact Luxury Couple’s Fully Equipped Camper Van


Join Alex and Sean on an exclusive tour of their carefully designed van, showcasing their functional and cozy mobile home. Starting in their thoughtfully planned kitchen, discover how they optimized space for cooking and storage, featuring a two-burner stove, a convenient fridge, and a generously sized sink. Delve into the specifics, from the strategic placement of their fridge to ensure adequate ventilation, to the charming, hand-painted dinette area that doubles as a daybed.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

As they move through their living space, admire the custom pull-out couch, repurposed from a memory foam bed, offering comfort for both them and their pets. Notice the driver area’s transformation with wooden panels, cleverly integrating essential features like a TV and a cat lounging spot. Be surprised by the original bus door frame, retained for its unique magnetic function, and the upcycled rear-view mirror turned into a hallway accent.

Their bathroom, though compact, doesn’t skimp on functionality, boasting a space-saving, wall-mounted sink, a composting toilet that simplifies maintenance, and an ample-sized shower with an eco-friendly rainwater shower head. Learn about their decision to embark on this lifestyle, driven by a desire for freedom and adventure, and how they located and financed their van.


Get insights into their professional lives on the road: Alex, a travel physical therapist, and Sean, a travel carpenter, both adapt their careers to fit their nomadic lifestyle. See how they prioritized their space, installing a near-queen-sized bed and adding windows for a brighter, airier feel. Peek into their closet, marvel at their smart storage solutions, and appreciate the small touches that make their van a home.