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Compact ROR Hydropower Generator For Use In Rivers & Streams

This is a small hydropower generator designed to be used in natural water flows such as rivers and waterways.Developed by Ibasei, this system uses a special housing which can increase and then recover the energy of flowing water, without using a head of water like conventional hydropower.

source/image: ikinamo

This machine uses a special housing called a diffuser. In this way, it utilizes special technology to increase the rate of water flow through the vanes that extract energy. That energy turns the vanes, and gets converted to electricity by a generator.

Then a controller and battery produce 100 V AC electricity at 50/60 Hz that can be used in the homeWith water flowing at 2.0 m/s, this system can produce 250 Wh. Taking control losses into account, five of these can deliver about 1 kW, so this system can be used as an emergency power supply.”


As this system relies on the natural current of the waterway, its uptime is virtually 100%, and the machine itself is 100% recyclable.It can store power like a charging station, so it can handle EVs as well if charging doesn’t have to be fast.