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Concept Audi Audi Avus Quattro UFO Aluminum Car


This Audi Concept Car looks like a UFO. The strange-looking car is called the Audi Avus Quattro Concept and has a pure aluminum body. The Avus doesn’t isn’t wrapped or painted, it gets its color from the aluminum body getting polished. The fact it also has a W12 engine makes it an even more unique concept car.

source/image(PrtSc): Supercar Blondie

The bodywork on the Avus was designed by J Mays and inspired by Auto Union race cars of the 1930s, which featured unpainted aluminum bodies. The panels are made from polished 1.5 mm thick aluminum that was hand-beaten.Watch the video from Supercar Blondie for more info:

The Avus quattro’s engine was supposed to be a 6.0 L 60-valve W12 engine producing 509 PS. The car shown at the Tokyo Motor Show, however, was fitted with a precision painted dummy, crafted from wood and plastic.


Reason being, that at the time, its intended powertrain was still in development.Audi-made W12 engines were not available to buyers until 2001, on the 2001 Audi A8 6.0 W12 quattro. The Avus also features three lockable differentials, rear-wheel steering and a NACA-style duct mounted on the roof.

VIASupercar Blondie
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