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A House Built Entirely Of Concrete That Will Last Forever!

This is a new construction system that provides a temporary frame work that is build of plywood, straighten with screws that hold all in place until the concrete is cured. After a while just unscrew the installed plywood and the concrete house is done! The same plywood can be later used for other projects.

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But, the construction that is gained is very strong, wind resistant, fire resistant and the most important- beautiful architecture and lovely home! The video will show you the process of construction and the final look of an example home.

The Spider Tie system is simple to explain. It creates a temporary frame work by which you simply fasten your plywood to using a recommended coarse thread screw. Very similar to fastening drywall to wooden studs. This framework also holds your rebar perfectly in place every time with out having to use tie wire.


Unlike the heavy steel forms the Spider Tie system requires no large investment. No heavy trucks and trailers. No need for storage facilities. The amount of Spider Ties for an average sized house can easily fit in the back of a pickup.