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Confederate X132 Hellcat Motorcycle, A Truly Exclusive Beauty

Named after the legendary F6F Hellcat fighter plane of WWII, the X132 Hellcat by Confederate Motorcycles is the result of an uncompromised design and manufacturing approach. The centerpiece of this uncompromised approach is the Hellcat’s billet aluminum case. Instead of the usual casting method, the Hellcat’s case is machined from two blocks of billet 6061 aircraft grade aluminum./Confederate Motorcycles

source/image(PrtSc): confederate_motorcycles

This new case unites America’s best V-Twin technology and America’s superior powertrain technology into a singularity. The motorcycle is hand built, weighs only 500 lbs and is propelled by a potent 2,163 cc, 56° fuel injected V-Twin engine with 4.4” Bore x 4.4” Stroke mated to a 5-Speed Transmission. The engine puts out a maximum power of 132 hp.

All this power is routed to the rear wheel by means of a five speed drag racing transmission.The bike rides on a pair of tasty looking, 18 inch, carbon fiber wheels which are wrapped in front Metzeler ME 880 Marathon 120/70 ZR18 and rear Metzeler Marathon 240/40 VR18 tires.


Although this material selection and craft methodology is expensive, it is simply the best approach for maximizing strength and guaranteeing permanence. Simply put, the X132 Hellcat is America’s most substantive road bike.//Confederate Motorcycles