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Converting a Car Alternator Into a Go Kart Motor

A Car Alternator Can Be Made Into A Powerful Hybrid Brushless Motor In A Couple Hours With Common Tools.In this video I will be showing you how I converted this old alternator into a motor for my electric go kart.

source/image: austiwawa

The only reason I chose this alternator is because it only costed me $20 and it was still in fairly good condition any 3-phase alternator should work!.Watch the video by austiwawa for more info.

I ended up wiring this motor in a delta configuration. Originally I was planning on comparing the motor when wired in a WYE configuration vs the motor wired in a delta configuration but I will need a more powerful battery pack before I can do so.


An alternator converted to a Hybrid Brushless Motor provides a low-cost alternative to brushless motors (BLDC) because alternators are mass-produced way beyond the quantities of brushless motors, and they have dynamic behavior similar to brushless motors in a wide range of applications.