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Cordless Turbo Diesel Tesla With Over 1000 Miles Of Range


Warped Perception did a gasoline powered version in the past, now he has some results from the Diesel hybrid Tesla. Warped Perception shows that you can use a DIY small diesel engine as a generator to charge your EV as you drive, but doesn’t quite prove that you should.

source.image: Warped Perception

The principle behind it sounds simple at first: you take a combustion generator, put it in the trunk and use it to supply the battery with power while driving and when parked. At first, Matt used a small 400cc petrol engine. The power was enough for a road trip of almost 3,000 kilometers.

So the first step was to convert a standard diesel generator so that it would be even more efficient and powerful thanks to a turbo, but still have the right dimensions. I Built a Turbo Diesel Cordless Tesla with over 1000 miles of Range on a single charge, it runs on Electricity like a conventional EV but also runs on Diesel, it can run on Diesel alone or Electricity alone and gets more range than any other Tesla.


I go on a 2500 Mile Road trip to ride the Jet Powered Pontoon Boat then to New York City, then to build the Jet Powered Hovercraft and Finally to Liquid piston to see their newest engine that may be the next Diesel engine I put in the Tesla to power it.