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Couch Bunker – A Custom Built Couch With A Hidden Gun Safe!!


Imagine a fire-rated gun safe hidden inside a custom built couch, with bullet proof cushions with carry straps, so they can be used on the fly as a shield. Now there is one.

source/image(PrtSc): Safety and Security

CouchBunker™ patent pending, is available in a wide range of styles, leather and fabric coverings creating choices from game room casual to living room formal.

The safe portion is the size of 1/2 a queen sized bed, and weighs 650 pounds. The safe is 96″x 39″ and 14″ deep. It is lined with a two-hour fire wall. It is manfuactured by Heracles Corporation, owner of the CouchBunker system. Made in the USA!


The optional bullet resistant cushions, serving as portable, personal shields, will stop a 44 Magnum at point blank range.The interior of the safe is also lined with a fire wall that’s rated for two hours of heat protection.

VIA Safety and Security
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