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Could MH 370 Have Been Taken Down By A Hacker? Mysteries Of The Missing

A hacker who has successfully worked his way into critical routing, fuel and other avionics over 20 times via in-flight entertainment, believes a smart hijacker could have used the same tactic to re-route the plane to take out a top secret location.

image credti: Science Channel 

Such a person could be a former pilot who had lost his job to a younger, more computer savvy hire. He could have worked as a technician on the flight control system itself before returning to his home country of Malaysia. Revenge or ideology? We may never know.

But we must, in the name of those who lost their life in this great tragedy, find out “how.” And while we are doing that we should ask the question: are the risks of hacking and manipulation of aviation computer systems by the ill-willed any different from that of hackers targeting the world’s financial systems and government and business offices?


It is looking more and more likely that the control of some systems was taken over in a deceptive manner, either manually, so someone sitting in a seat overriding the autopilot, or via a remote device turning off or overwhelming the systems.“A mobile phone could have been used to do so or a USB stick.“When the plane is air-side, you can insert a set of commands and codes that may initiate, on signal, a set of processes.”