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Couple Build Incredible Tiny House For One Years Rent


This incredible tiny house is beautifully constructed and amazingly was built for around the equivalent of one years rent, making it an amazingly affordable housing option!

source/image: Living Big In A Tiny House

This fantastic tiny house is built for life on the road! Trysh and Saul are two traveling therapists who are used to living life on the move and wanted to be able to craft a home which can easily be taken with them. A tiny house on wheels was the perfect solution.

The entire home was constructed by the couple as a DIY project and for a remarkable budget giving the couple a wonderful and affordable home. The construction uses many salvaged and reclaimed materials.


Building a tiny house yourself isn’t easy, thankfully Soul’s dedication to the project allowed him to push through the hard times and bring his vision to life. Amazingly, this high-end home was constructed for an unbelievable budget of only US$25,000, a testament to Saul’s perseverance with the DIY build and the couple’s clever sourcing of materials.

VIA Living Big In A Tiny House
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