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Couple Built a Dream Full Time Camper Van for Under $45K


Join Brit and Taylor as they give us an exclusive tour of their custom-built camper van, showcasing their ingenious solutions for living comfortably on the road. From a kitchen equipped for gourmet cooking to clever storage hacks, this van is a marvel of tiny space living. The Kitchen: A Chef’s Delight in a Tiny Space.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

Cooking Essentials: Explore their three-burner propane stove, perfect for whipping up tacos, enchiladas, and pizzas. Innovative Storage: Discover how they utilize every inch of kitchen space, including a deep well sink that doubles as storage and custom shelves secured with bungee cords.

Convertible Dining and Work Space: See their multi-functional dining area that doubles as a workspace, featuring a unique epoxy table sourced from Etsy. Garage Space Underneath: Uncover the cleverly designed garage space under the dining area, sized perfectly to fit a guitar case and more. Comfort and Utility: Check out their custom-made cushions for the couch that transform into a bed, along with additional storage solutions.


Upgraded Power System: Get insights into their upgraded 300 amp lifetime battery system, complete with a 360W solar panel setup. Efficient Appliances: From air fryers to coffee machines, learn how they power their appliances efficiently with a 2,000W inverter. A Van Life Romance: Dive into Brit and Taylor’s love story, from hiking in the White Mountains to falling in love on the road. Teamwork and Listening: Discover how they navigate life’s challenges together, emphasizing the importance of listening and understanding each other’s needs.