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Couple Trade Apartment in New Orleans to Travel in a VW Van

Dustin and Noami are both passionate outdoor enthusiasts. Prior to committing to life on the road, they would regularly escape the redundancy of their everyday lives in search of natures majesty.

image credit: Dylan Magaster 

It came as no surprise to family and friends when they decided to embrace a nomadic lifestyle, seeking out their passions in a van called Irie.We’ve taken road trips together as often as we could since before we were even dating. As our relationship grew, these trips became more frequent and for extended periods.

image credit: irietoaurora

We also followed other people on social media who were doing the same thing, living on the road. This inspired us to do what we had always dreamt of and talked about.Oh, The Places We’ve Been Van life is nothing I thought it would be.

image credit: Dylan Magaster 

The past six months have been more than we expected. Prior to van life we took a few long distance road trips out west and fell in love with the vast openness, jagged mountains, and ever.


Well, we’re back from the dust. It’s taken us some time to process our experience in the desert, and I’m still not sure I have a grasp on it. Burning Man is a test of endurance. It’s physically, mentally, and emotionally strenuous. It requires a serious amount of preparation.

Cooking Van life has challenged me in many ways and one of those challenges is cooking on the road. Unfortunately we cannot sustain our lives on ramen and chill dogs, and we rarely eat out. I mean, what do we truly need to survive? Nourishing food and water.