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Couple’s Cozy Log Cabin Home Built From Scratch


This couple built a small log cabin from scratch using trees from their land. Rémi and Noémie call themselves the Wildcrafters because they make everything by hand, including their homes. They started off by building a tiny house with reclaimed materials and lived in it for around 5 years, and then they built this incredible tiny log cabin with a greenhouse attached and they live in it full time.

source.image: Exploring Alternatives

The log cabin is about 600 square feet and has 3 floors. The main floor has a bathroom, kitchen, living and dining room, the second-floor loft has 2 bedrooms, and the third-floor attic is an artist studio for Noémie.

In addition to building their own home, the couple also plans to become more self-sufficient with their food production and have already started preparing large gardens as well as a greenhouse with raised beds and a rainwater collection tote. They have a well, they collect firewood from the land, they are connected to the province’s hydro electric grid, and they use a composting toilet and an outhouse.


The couple is thriving in their rural and remote lifestyle but they admit that it isn’t always easy. These projects are all a lot of work so they are trying to pace themselves after realizing they can’t make their dream a reality all at once. So they’re pacing themselves and developing patience../Exploring Alternatives