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Couple’s DIY Camper Van With Custom Roof Extension


Alex and Meg’s pride and joy, the kitchen, is a significant upgrade from their previous van setup. It features:A two-burner propane stove for convenient cooking.Ample prep space for culinary adventures.A custom-built dish storage unit, ensuring stability during travel.Underneath storage solutions for cutlery, pots, and pans.A mini control panel with essential tools like a thermometer, a Propex heater interface, and a propane shut off for added safety.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

A sink with a cutting board cover, backed by a three-stage water filtration system and 60L water capacity in Jerry cans.A versatile dinette area that doubles as a workspace.Storage compartments housing the van’s batteries, power setup, and a 40-gallon water tank.Convertible sleeping areas enabling the van to comfortably sleep six people.

A couch that transforms into a bed at night, crafted from a 4-inch latex mattress.Clothing storage surrounding the sleeping area, with additional space for toiletries and books.The star feature: “Tim the Tiny Stove,” a wood-burning stove that keeps the van cozy and warm.A sentimental corkboard adorned with Polaroids of cherished memories.


Exterior Modifications:A high roof installation for added standing height.A unique window replacement for improved airflow.A robust solar setup with 330 watts of panels.Off-road modifications including a winch bumper, off-road lights, and a 3-inch lift for enhanced terrain navigation.Creative surfboard storage and a solar shower for outdoor convenience.