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Couple’s Inspiring Journey Embracing Van Life With a Terminal Illness


Welcome to the life of Brian, Caleigh, Yuki, Chito, and their 2020 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van, Blinda! Join Brian and Caleigh in their mobile kitchen, where they showcase their two-burner Camp Chef stove, meaningful oven, and spacious counters. Witness how they make delicious meals together in their van, from breakfast to dinner, and even fresh fish caught right outside their door.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

Explore the importance of health and nutrition in van life, as Caleigh shares her needs for storing insulin and IV antibiotics in their isotherm fridge. Discover how they ensure the safety and cleanliness of their water with a three-stage filtration system, crucial for Caleigh’s suppressed immune system post-organ transplant.

Step into Blinda’s bathroom area, equipped with a ring shower, detachable shower head, and a dry flush toilet. Learn about the innovative use of PVC boards for shower walls and the benefits of having eucalyptus in the bathroom for a fresh scent and atmosphere.Uncover the secrets to efficient storage in a small space. Brian and Caleigh show off their closet, where they store their towels, toilet paper, and even a shelf dedicated to games.


Brian takes you through the technical aspects of their van life, including their water filtration system, shower unit, and electrical equipment. Learn about their 430 amp hour battery storage, 800 watts of solar power, and how they achieve on-demand hot water and heating.Brian and Caleigh share their unique story of falling in love amidst Caleigh’s health challenges with cystic fibrosis and double lung transplants. Discover how van life became their solution to living fully, embracing spontaneity, and valuing time together in the face of health adversities../Tiny Home Tours