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Couple’s Off-Grid Vacation Van Home On Wheels


Welcome to the home on wheels, Bodie! Join Jen and Kyle as they take you on an exciting tour of their customized 2019 Mercedes Sprinter, which serves as their perfect off-grid vacation home. Designed to accommodate their family of five and four dogs, Bodie is more than just a camper – it’s a glorified tent on wheels that embodies the essence of adventurous family travel.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

Kitchen: Dual 12V fridges for produce and meats, minimalistic design without a stove, custom backsplash installed by Jen. Living Area: Couch that doubles as a bed, ample storage, and a family-friendly entertainment setup. Bathroom: Compact design with separate waste systems and a 15-gallon gray tank.

Cooling System: Pioneer under-bench AC unit, ensuring comfort for everyone, including their dogs. Sleeping Arrangements: Full-size bed for Jen and Kyle, bunk space for the kids, and a cozy setup for the dogs. Their Lifestyle: Full-time life in a vintage bus with three kids and four dogs. Bodie allows them to explore epic boondocking spots that their larger bus can’t reach. Emphasizing simplicity, joy, and the beauty of nature in every adventure.


Technical Specs: Solar Power: 600 watts of solar panels on the roof. Victron Energy System: Single charge controller and 3000W inverter. Battery Capacity: Two lithium batteries totaling 450 amp hours. About Bodie: 2019 Mercedes Sprinter 170, Two-Wheel Drive. Cost: $60,000 for the shell, with an additional $10,000-$12,000 in DIY conversions. Build Time: 5.5 weeks, completed with the help of friends Jed and Sandy.