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Creative And Easy DIY Indoor Herb Garden

You may not be a master chef but you can definitely make your meal a lot better and tastier by adding freshly picked herbs instead of store brought ones. Growing herbs at home lets you to have your own fresh herb store and additionally bids you with an all-new hobby to pursue.

This project is great for using up scrap material from previous woodworking projects and upcycling jars and cans from your recycling bin.Then you can plant your favorite herbs in them.

Herbs typically want a good solid five or more hours of direct natural light a day. There are kits online which come with grow lights. However, you don’t need anything fancy as long as you’ve got good sunlight.


If your herbs are growing well, you can prune them back as needed for your cooking and to keep them at a manageable size. If they start to flower, it signals that the plant is going to produce seeds and is nearing the end of its life cycle.