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Creative Girl Shows How to Make Coca Cola Drinking Hat


In this video creative girl shows how to make coca cola drinking hat for 2 cans. This amazing invention allows you to drink your favourite soda or any beverage completly hands free. All you need is cardboard, few pipes and nice hat.

image/text credit: The Q

Soda drinking hat can be used by every member of your family, especially kids will love it! But remember do not drink too much sweet soda drinks! To re-seal the drinking tube, just give the clamp a gentle squeeze. Enjoy.

Show off your party style! With this drink hat holding two cold ones at a time, you’ll never thirst again.The two cans are connected, both being drawn from at the same time, so you can even mix your drinks.


Take the fun anywhere with this classic attention-getter. Just place your opened canned beverages in the 2 cradles and insert the upper tubes into the cans. Now release the drink clamp with a gentle push of the thumb and use the lower tube like a drinking straw.