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Custom AERIUM Air Powered Steam Punk Themed Motorcycle


AERIUM is Steam Punk themed motorcycle that runs on compressed air. The famous custom motorbike builder, Peter Forsberg, reminds us that if you have passion and creativity to build something, nothing can stop you from succeeding ,it took him 3 years to create.

source/image(PrtSc): Wonder World

The most attention grabbing detail about this bike, is it’s visible mechanical components, were you can see pistons, pushrods and crankshaft, through the glass installed in the engine.

The bike runs on compressed air from a tank strapped to the rider back, but only has enough air for about a 3-5 minute ride.Peter wanted to enter the bike in a custom bike competition, but one of the rules was, the bike had to be rideable, for it to be entered into the competition.


So the bike was not made for speed or the ability to ride far, just fast & far enough to ride it up on stage. I think it would be fair to say, it’s less of a practical motorbike and more of a piece art.//Wonder World