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Custom Built 1957 5.4L Ford Rutterz Rodz

In this video I stop by Rutterz Rodz in Bristol TN and check out a 1957 Ford Custom they built. This 1957 Ford Custom is kind of a sleeper.One that You might walk by thinking that it was just a very nice restored car and that is exactly what Rutterz Rods wants You to think.Their interpretation of what a modern F Code car would be.

source/image(PrtSc): ScottieDTV

The body is arrow straight of course and the gaps are all perfect.Sporting a black and lead foot grey two tone paint job.Not the original color of the car.But they are Ford colors and this 1957 Ford Custom wears them well.The interior is a custom all leather interior and looks like something that would have come from Ford back in the day./via/read more: ScottieDTV

They were even able to source some new old stock insert material for it.A very cool touch for sure.Nothing fancy though.Again this is a 1957 Ford Custom.The lowest trim level with a back seat available in 1957.The interior design goes very well with the understated cool of the rest of the build.Wheels are always a personal choice and no one set will please everyone.


These one off custom wheels with the stock looking Ford hubcap work well for Me…The F code cars of the day where the high horsepower versions.Sticking with that theme of the build Rutterz Rodz shoehorned the Supercharged 5.4L Shelby GT 500 engine under the stock hood and it look as if it has always been there.