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DIY Custom Fat Bike – Build By Make it Extreme

This week’s project takes us back to our childhood memories as we have made a BIKE. We have not applied any special modifications regarding the functional parts of the BICYCLE compared to a common bike made in a factory.

source/image credit: make it extreme

We got inspired by the fat bicycles that exist in the market. These bicycles are called ‘fat bikes’ as they have wider wheels than the common bicycles. Therefore, our general idea was to make a fat bicycle that all his parts would be ‘fatter’ than all the other common bicycles.

source/image credit: make it extreme

First of all, we removed the tires from an immobilized car to use them on our construction. At the frontal wheel of our bike, we placed a bearing and we adapted it on a single prong which is attached to the wheel that is being moved and stabilized by the bearing which is placed at the beginning part of our bike’s frame.

source/image credit: make it extreme

The bike’s frame is made with a tube of 4 inches thickness while the frontal prong and the scissors placed at the back are made with a tube of 3 inches. The scissors at the back is the part that is connected with the back wheel of the bike. We placed an axis with a gear at the back wheel of our bike that is moved supported by the pedals through the chain.


Although, the construction of a bike sounds simple and usual, it requires accuracy and patience as there are a lot of pieces needed to be made and placed, where the lathe is located. Also, the frame must be precisely made on a straight line to prevent any problems that might be arisen during riding the bike.

Even though, we thought that our bike would be very heavy during riding it, we got amazed realizing that it was actually comfortable and light as well as it was pleasant driving it.