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Custom Six Wheeled Hummer SUVT One Of A Kind


CAR ENTHUSIAST Niall Seymour is the proud owner of a seven foot wide, six-wheeled Hummer SUVT – the first and only of its kind in the world.

source.image: Barcroft Cars

The one-off custom build started as a 2006 four-wheeled Hummer SUV but in 2017, was combined with a SUT Truck bed to create a six-wheel pick-up version. The video claims this is the world’s first six-wheeler Hummer “SUVT,” which in this case combines the H2’s SUV and truck monikers into one.

It weighs a whopping 3.5 tons, is six metres long and over two metres tall. The Londoner spent over 10 months working on his Hummer before he could get it on the road. So now, he says, he drives it everywhere – even on his way to the shops!


Only 100% Hummer H2 parts were used to ensure the vehicle kept its original and authentic look.The car is powered by a Hummer 6.0L Vortec V8 petrol engine generating 325hp, and rides on 22” custom Bazo B8 wheels.