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Custom Wheels Bicycle On Tracks


This custom bicycle has no round wheels instead there are two track strips arranged at an angle. When the rider pedals, the tracks move – and the bicycle rides.This bike doesn’t have wheels at all. Why did we do it? Just for fun. Youtube engineer The Q, has been experimenting with bicycles for some time now and has been revising their concept.

source.image: The Q

This time he has created a ‘Bike on Tracks’ bicycle that runs on tracks instead of tyres. Thee handlebars, seat, and frame have all been assembled to fit in the other unusual elements of this custom bike. The body itself is a little away from the usual with a lower profile at the rear than the front fork.

The most captivating aspect of the custom bike is the giant disc with paddles on either side. This is the heart of the bike that has the bicycle chain circulating around it and attached to the rear tread.


Even though we can’t see the chain attached to the tread on the front, yet it rolls continuously in harmony for a stable ride. For stability, the wheels were securely affixed at two points, ensuring they maintained their angular orientation while riding the bicycle. Appropriately dubbed the “Bike on Tracks,” it is an interesting take on what it means to be a bicycle.