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Custom Yenko S/C Chevrolet Camaro 1000HP


In this video from the Nichols Paint and Fab Open House in Watseka IL, I had the opportunity to check out this 2016 Yenko S/C Chevrolet Camaro.This car has a package added to a Stock Chevrolet Camaro and comes in two options.Stage One is 835 HP.And the Stage two is 1000 HP and depending on what Stage You want, Dictates what Chevrolet Camaro You would need to provide.The Stage 1 is built on the 1SS or 2SS Chevrolet Camaro and the Stage 2 a 1LE Chevrolet Camaro.

source/image(PrtSc): ScottieDTV

They made 50 total.25 Stage 1’s and 25 Stage 2’s, This one is #21 of #25 Stage 2’s.It’s covered in a medium blue paint with white Yenko S/C graphics.The wheels are 20″..Black center with a stainless lip.This denotes the Stage 2.The Stage 1 have the same wheel with a gunmetal colored center.

The interior is pretty much stock, with some Yenko badging to let You know what You’re riding in from the inside.Under the custom Carbon Fiber hood of this 2019 Yenko S/C Chevrolet Camaro is where the money is spent.As I explain in the video.It’s all custom.


The builders of this car let Chevrolet do the suspension and brakes.That’s the difference in the Chevrolet Camaro that is provided.Don Yenko S/C built some of the meanest street cars back in the day.If He where alive, I think He would still be building cool hot rods.//ScottieDTV

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