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The Bike Umbrella, a New Rain Protection Device for Cyclists

Cycling always gets complicated on rainy days. Normal rain wear and capes are laborious to handle.They also have the issue of heavy sweating, even after a short period of cycling. Specially rain capes bear the risk of tangling up the fabric with the handlebar.

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For more then 3000 years people protect themselves against rain with umbrellas. We adapt this principle to bikes and developed a new and patented device that provides an innovative way of rain protection for cyclists.

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In essence it is an elongated umbrella connected to the bike’s frame. Instead of an over-head umbrella we included a recess for the cyclist’s head and added a hood. The head above the umbrella ensures unobstructed vision.


Space between the umbrella and the body ensures freedom of movement and prevents excessive sweating, unlike standard rain wear.It comes with a universal holder and a case for storage.

The holder can be fixed on nearly every bike’s frame. It is suitable as well for men’s and as for women’s bikes.The closed umbrella can be stored compactly in the case, that can be fixed to the bike’s frame with two Velcro straps. So the umbrella is always at hand.