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Daedalus: The Jet-Engine Prototype Flight Suit

Early in 2016, Richard Browning had a vision. He wanted to build a viable anti-gravity jet-engine suit and inspire solo human flight.

source/image:  RS Components

Throughout 2016 he designed, built, redesigned and rebuilt his prototype flight suit – Daedalus – testing, developing and reiterating for a year before getting to the working model you see today.

His strength, perseverance and ambition to change the world are enthralling and RS is excited to be part of Richard’s incredible journey, providing RS Pro tools, components and expertise to support extraordinary engineering in action.


Founded by Richard Browning in March 2017, following the completion of the Daedalus suit and the world’s first human propulsion flights. Gravity Industries is a British technology start-up with innovation, endeavour and inspiration at its core.