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Damon Motorcycles SHIFT On The Fly Shape Shifting Ergonomics


See our on-the-fly shape-shifting ergonomics, SHIFT™, in action.Change your position while you ride to suit any journey you’re on. At the push of a button, transform between sports mode and commuter mode with electronically-controlled 4-point adjustability. With SHIFT, the Hypersport is ideal for start-stop city traffic and high-speed freeway conditions.

source.image: Damon Motorcycles

SHIFT™ allows you to adjust both your bike’s footpegs and handlebars to what feels right, all at the push of the button. This on-the-fly motorcycle ergonomics allows for greater control, more comfort, and enhanced rider safety.

At the push of a button, Hypersport’s windscreen, seat, footpegs and handlebars move in unison to adjust the rider from a high-speed supersport position, to a comfortable sport-touring position, to full upright commuter position for dense city traffic. The company says it’s akin to having two bikes in one.


The seat, footpegs and clip-on bars are all mounted to electronically movable points so they can slide up and down. Thus, on the highway, you can bring the bars up toward you, drop the pegs down and have a nice comfy, relaxing ride. At the heart of these motorcycles is the HyperDrive electric powertrain, a modular and scalable battery system that doubles as the motorcycle’s core structure.

The motorcycles also use a combination of radar, cameras, and other sensors to track the speed, direction, and velocity of dozens of objects at a time, analyzing their trajectories and behaviors to anticipate possible hazards. When a hazard is detected, the onboard AWSM system warns the rider by way of LEDs positioned at eye level over the cockpit. Based in Vancouver, Canada, Damon is a Techstars Mobility company founded by serial entrepreneurs Jay Giraud and Dom Kwong.