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Defying Gravity With Korea’s Premier Balance Artist

Artist Rocky Byun can find the balance point in anything: rocks, furniture, even motorcycles. As a balance artist based in Tancheon, South Korea, he creates magnificent sculptures that appear to defy gravity.

source/image(PrtSc): Great Big Story

With his deep understanding of physics and a zen-like approach to his work, Byun has found balance in his art and in life.Motorcycles and bicycles balanced on their kickstands on top of rocks or tree stumps or orange cones, laptop computers balanced exactly on the corner, and even people sitting in a chair balanced on one leg—on top of a small stone.

This guy has mastery over items such as pieces of fruit, bottles or teapots stacked on their tips, and his specialty—rocks of all shapes and sizes— and they all succumb to a seeming hypnotic capability that Rocky has so that the objects they obey him instead of gravity.


He can even balance up to ten eggs at a time, standing upright next to each other.Most people aren’t aware that balancing things could become a career option, but can you imagine the amount of practice this much have taken?