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Delta Solar Ruins-Abandoned Solar Farm In The Utah Desert

The Delta Solar Project developed a new way to harness the sun’s energy using cheaper materials and a much more basic principle. Using satellite-like arrays which would follow the arc of the sun during the day, cheap plastic panels impregnated with magnifying elements would shoot intensified rays of sunlight into a crucible of combustible material which in turn created steam to power a generator.

image credit: terrysheetzphotography

This Rube Goldberg-ian solution to harnessing the sun’s energies may have been more complicated than standard solar panels, but the low cost of the materials made it a viable option.

image credit: Photog Adventures

Unfortunately even the rugged plastics and metals used in the Delta array were no match for the strong desert winds which quickly damaged most of the collectors that the engineers were able to install.

image credit: Photog Adventures

The remains of the array still stand at the site, rusty and gutted. Many of the plastic panels are hanging from their ends or are missing completely. Fans of ambitious civil experiments can easily access the ruins and see the skeletal collectors up close.


Heading out of Notch Peak we did some photography location scouting and saw this crazy grouping of taller structures out in the desert near Delta, Utah.

We had to take a closer look.The place is apparently an abandoned construction that focused solar energy to receptors below. The receptors are long gone but the focuses are still there, in ruin. Pretty bizarre place so we had to stop and film it!