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Designing a Functional Tiny Home Van Life As a Family


Join Matt, Amy, and Taylor as they invite you into their mobile haven, Vanilla, a thoughtfully designed van that merges functionality with comfort. Let’s dive into their life on wheels! Welcome to Vanilla, Our Cozy Abode on Wheels: Step inside and explore Vanilla’s kitchen, where cooking becomes an adventure.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

Equipped with a gas hob and plans for an induction upgrade, the kitchen is designed for culinary enthusiasts. Discover the convenience of having both hot and cold water, a sizable fridge, and a handy gas geyser. Vanilla boasts ample storage for kitchen essentials, including a massive drawer for appliances like an air fryer and Thermomix. The countertop space, crafted from repurposed barucha tabletops, provides ample room for both Matt and Amy to cook together comfortably.

From custom-made spice racks to homemade fruit hammocks, every detail in Vanilla reflects the family’s creativity and love for cooking. The kitchen’s honeycomb tiles, a long-desired feature, add a special charm to the space. There’s a slide-out pantry, a bread bin screwed onto the tabletop, and even a compact toilet for emergency use. The kids’ seats are custom covered in leather, ensuring safety and comfort during drives.


The van’s bedroom area is a cozy retreat, featuring a custom-made mattress similar to their home bed. The kids’ beds are innovative, doubling as a day bed or extending into a king-size bed for family time. Vanilla is designed for efficiency. With a 210 Ah lithium battery and 330 watts of solar panels, the van is nearly self-sufficient. Plus, an inverter ensures they’re covered even during cloudy days.