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Destinus Hypersonic Jet Prototype Powered By Hydrogen


Destinus pulled off picture-perfect flights of Eiger at an airport near Munich! Eiger – Destinus’ second prototype, with a unique hypersonic aero shape design based on years of research, was souring boldly in the sky.

source/image(PrtSc): Destinus

The aircraft would feature a unique propulsion system that uses a combination of hydrogen and oxygen to achieve hypersonic speeds.The Destinus would be capable of flying from Europe to Australia in just 2 hours, making it a game-changer for long-distance travel.

Our team is taking a significant step forward in realizing ultra-high-speed transportation to anywhere on Earth by demonstrating the speed at which we can design, build, and fly prototypes.


With each prototype flight we go faster, further, and get closer to our dream – a hypersonic future powered by hydrogen. An airplane that will challenge the limits of time, space, sustainability, and human potential..//Destinus