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DIY 1987 Jeep Comanche Fully Renovated Camper


Jim built this rig from the ground up and combined two jeeps to make this 1987 Comanche what it is today! The aluminum camper was built in their driveway, and the Sunbrella canvas topper was installed afterward.

source/image(PrtSc): Tiny Home Tours

He also custom designed and attached a grill bumper with lights and a wench.The interior is unbelievably spacious, with a bench seat that opens up for storage, a full kitchen with a two-burner stove, a deep sink, and a massive eighty-five-liter top-loading fridge.

They have a pass-through into the cab allowing the dogs to maneuver around and more storage access when parked.


This was home until the exciting news of their pregnancy. Just weeks shy of her delivery, they moved into a rental to start a new chapter!/Tiny Home Tours