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DIY A Modern And Comfortable “Zig Zag” Sofa

Why spending money when you can create a furniture at home? The best thing is that the project looks like it costs million bucks! If you don’t know what to do this weekend, then this sofa can keep you busy and entertained.

This wood framed sofa is simple and durable with a timeless style. It can be built around almost any sofa cushions you might have or even a single mattress if you want it to double as a daybed.

The project is multifunctional – it offers comfy seating area, like any other couch, but also includes an area that can be used for dining, writing, preparing food, and other activities.


You can place it near the TV in the living room or on the balcony or outdoors.There’s nothing better than enjoying a summer evening while lounging on patio sofa, but pre-made patio furniture is anything but cheap.