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DIY A Super Fast Jet (EDF) Powered Bicycle

Learn how I made a super fast jet (EDF) powered bicycle! This device uses two high powered 120mm edf engines attached to a 3 wheeled bike to provided the thrust.

source/image: JLaservideo

This is probably the most inefficient but fun electric bike out there.It went so fast and was so loud, we ended up getting the cops called on us! Luckily they were super nice.

Unlike the jet engines powering commercial airliners whose hot exhaust could easily melt your face, the battery-powered ducted fan strapped to this scooter produces its thrust without scorching the rider’s legs.


It’s also controlled remotely, allowing the driver to limit the speed of the bike.The motor and batteries are the most expensive parts. You can find used drills with broken batteries for very cheap and just used the motor.