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DIY Amazing Mini BBQ from Coca Cola Can at Home

In this video I show you how to make amazing mini BBQ from coca cola can, it’s easy to build but you will be surprised how effective it is !It’s the perfect summertime hack if you don’t have a grill and are cooking for a small group of people—one bratwurst at a time. You can grab the wire grill template here.

You’ll need to cut the can completely in half, which you could do with a pair of scissors, but whatever you use, the goal here is to split the can cleanly in two. If you make some small angled cuts about half an inch from the edges, you’ll be able to bend the aluminum over, forming a small ledge.

I was amazed at how well this really works! I lit 2 coal briquettes in a separate metal container, and let them burn until the outsides turned white, then I transferred them to the Bitty-Q, put a couple of bratwurst on the grill, and came back 10 minutes later to find them perfectly grilled, and mouthwatering.


Thi BBQ is Great for an emergency BBQ or when camping. Add some charcoal and its good for cooking sausages, burgers, steak, chicken, kebabs, vegetables etc.Just make sure you don’t get the charcoal going too hot! It’s still an aluminum can after all.