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DIY Ambulance Camper Conversion Tiny Home On A Budget


Join Patrick on an exclusive tour of Jambo, his creatively converted ambulance tiny home. Discover how he and his partner turned an ordinary vehicle into a cozy, efficient living space, perfect for their love of travel and adventure.Explore the heart of Jambo – the kitchen. Learn how Patrick cleverly sourced materials from Marketplace finds and remnants to craft a budget-friendly yet stylish cooking area. Marvel at the DIY countertop, the convenient faucet, and the ingenious use of space for storage and light.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

Dive into the “brains” of Jambo, featuring essential controls for heating, USB outlets, and creatively sourced trims and tiles. See how every inch of the ambulance is maximized for storage and functionality.Discover the couple’s solution to staying cool while boondocking – a power-efficient portable air conditioner that keeps the tiny home comfortable without draining their batteries.

Check out Jambo’s multipurpose dining area, which doubles as a workspace. Witness the creativity in the budget-friendly lagoon table mount, made from galvanized pipe, and the storage solutions cleverly built around the wheel well.Tour the cozy bedroom with ample under-bed storage. Learn how Patrick utilized every nook for practicality, including repurposed yard sale finds and handcrafted decorations.


Get an inside look at Jambo’s power system, boasting 700 watts of solar energy, dual charge controllers, and a 400 amp hour battery setup. Find out how they stay powered up during their off-grid adventures.Explore the compact yet functional bathroom with a composting toilet and learn about their future plans for a combined shower space. Plus, peek into the utility cupboard housing a robust electrical system.